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Dev Update #2

Hello Mr. Suit Guy! You look quite handsome today.

The Lost Sword has been renamed to Suit Guy. Suit Guy is the new main, big baller character of the game (he’s actually pretty cool and tough), armed with his briefcase ready to pwn and save the world!


Suit Guy’s life is dull and boring, he ain’t liking the business life so much, but hell; whatcha gonna do, right? Gotta make ’em money somehow.

On this particular day his life started out much like any other. Alarm snoozed, got up, hit the shower, grabbed his suitcase and went to the office; that big corporate building. As he arrived he looked up at the building, sighed and went in. He walked head down, shoulders low, his thoughts somewhere else. He seemed to recalled a slight tingling feeling in his fingers, confused and slightly worried as he looked up, reaching out to … but he was gone. Just like that he got zapped out of that building to god knows where. Confused and alarmed he looked around, there was nothing or no one, or … is there? In the distance he could see someone approaching. As the dark skinned man came closer he spoke to him: “Hail Stranger from far and distant land. We’ve been expecting you.” The man paused for a brief moment and continued; “You shall venture in to the cave and retrieve that what belongs to you.” and in a blink of an eye the man was gone. Suit Guy noticed his briefcase was gone, but what good is a briefcase in a place like this?

So you up for the task?


There’s been quite some progress on the visual parts of the game and the core mechanics.

Throwing the Boomerang Suitcase (TM)


Grass reacting to player movement

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Dev Update #1

After submitting a few screenshots to #ScreenshotSaturday someone asked if the character currently in the screenshots was the final one (it isn’t). I’ve been playing around with some low pixel characters and it’s actually harder then I initially thought. Here’s the result of a very simple ‘character idling’ animation.

There are also a few new monster and gizmos:


Screen Shot 2013-02-16 at 4.48.20 PM
Epic Angry looking Skelton Dog

Rocks 🙂